When will my new motorhome be delivered?

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At the same time as the Destinations Show in Manchester is the Caravan and Motorhome Show and, as you would expect, there are a large number of gleaming, shiny motorhomes and caravans to drool over.  Back in my student days I stayed in smaller rooms than most of these vehicles

caravans and motohomes by the dozen

The prices always surprise me but in comparison with the prices for holidays these days, the money spent on a motorhome or caravan is covered in a few years and that is before you factor in the resale value and the convenience of being able to just get up and go and not have to repack every night.

So I was drawn to a competition being run by the Camping and Caravanning Club where the price was a £49,000 Swift Edge motorhome complete with thirty nights camping and a few other things thrown into. That is what I call a prize and beats those that offer a couple of Amazon or Marks & Spencer vouchers! With an estimated 35,000 visitors expected at the show my odds of winning a motorhome aren’t good but they are better than the lottery.

What I should have done is not mention the prize and then I might stand a better chance. Or not to even write about the show at all. Or say that it isn’t worth going and then I might have a sparkling motorhome outside the house and bragging rights down the pub!

The organisers of the show have been asking a sample of responders why they opted for a UK holiday over one overseas. Not that caravanners and motorhome owners don’t go overseas. One couple I met had taken their motorhome to Morocco and were quizzing me about the roads in Tunisia and where and where not to go, what the ferry service was like and what to expect from Tunisian drivers.

But back to the survey. The reason most people gave for staycationing was because people liked seeing new places in the UK given that there is so much in a comparatively small island. Sixty per cent of responders offered this answer ahead of the 49% who felt that there was more to explore in the UK. Those two answers are similar and way ahead of the next answer, the 21% who said they liked having their own things around them.

Just 5% indicated Brexit was the reason for holidaying at home suggesting that these responders understand better than some that there will be little if any Brexit impact on our holidays this year.

When it came to telling us where they would explore in the UK, about half indicated coastal locations mattered opting for Whitby, Scarborough, Newquay, the Isle of Wight and Torquay as their top five choices.

Of those opting for a city in which to holiday, York topped the list followed by Edinburgh, Bath, Oxford and Liverpool places that I wouldn’t necessarily think were the sort of places into which I would take a motorhome let alone a caravan. Maybe the responders keep to the outer areas and explore by foot or bus.

Or maybe they are just better drivers than me.

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