A private safari or a hot balloon ride?

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If it is January it must be time for the main consumer holiday shows of the year.

the Bristol Balloon Fiesta is where perhaps 50% of people responding to the Destinations survey should go to watch and fulfil their bucket wish

As usual Manchester hosts the first of these and the Destination show opens at Event City tomorrow and runs until Sunday evening.

Although this is only the eighth year that the show has been held, it has proved to be increasingly popular and thousands will head that way (including two of us from Just about Travel) to listen to guidance from experienced and celebrity travellers as well as to seek holiday ideas. Indeed over 80,000 will head to both the Manchester and London shows. (London is held from the 30th of January until the 2nd of February)

This year the Destinations team has been looking at what people might have on the ultimate bucket list.

Topping the list which 60% of those polled want is to have their own private safari. Half opted for a sunset/sunrise hot air balloon ride and 40% decided that a helicopter ride would be their ultimate choice. What surprised me is that nowhere in the top ten was to travel in space either on something like a shuttle flight to the space station or a journey into outer space such as those being pioneered by Virgin Galactic. Maybe the polling was done too early to record the fact that Richard Branson’s wish is to go into space and that he is re-opening ticket sales this year.

In a few years’ time when costs come down, Virgin Galactic might be at a Destinations Show.

Whilst shark diving is on the list for 10% of those interviewed, where are those who want to go into a submersible and descend to the depths of the ocean to see the strange and eerie life that is to be found thousands of feet beneath the sea?

If these are ultimate wishes then more easily found wishes are likely to be found from the 200 or so travel companies exhibiting at Manchester.

There is plenty of parking or the X-50 bus gets you there from Manchester Piccadilly Gardens.

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