Why should Brexit matter in 2020?

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Although we will be leaving the EU at the end of this year, all travel to Europe this year will be the same as last year. And the year before that and the year before that.

One of the tourist attractions of Palma in Mallorca – La Seu Cathedral. It won’t be any different holidaying in EU countries during 2020 than it was last year

In fact it will be as seamless as it has been for decades so why is some research supposedly suggesting that people are opting for a staycation in the UK  rather  than holidaying abroad?

The survey of 2000 Brits, commissioned by the financial services company, Hodge, found that of those looking to staycate, more than a third have opted to stay in the UK due to financial reasons and feel it is far less stressful to holiday at home rather than go abroad. A quarter of people say concerns over Brexit have prompted their decision, while 24 per cent say they simply prefer the UK to abroad.

Just under half of Londoners (49%) say the choice to stay is down to Brexit concerns. Over a third of those in the 18-24 age group claimed that their choice to book a staycation was due to Brexit.

It seems that many were misinformed since long before the election we knew that travelling to Europe would be the same as in previous years.

But then I saw when the research was carried out. It was during November last year, before the general election so people might have been concerned not knowing then that the Prime Minister was going to have such a large majority. And not realising how times change.

Remember before the election, Airbus warned us that to leave the EU could be a problem and that they might need to look at their investments in the UK.

In recent press, they are reported as seeing opportunities in the UK now that the Brexit debate is not the problem it once was.

This survey could just be asking the right questions and getting answers appropriate to that time but less than useful now.

But if the results had published before the election there might have been a news story! Now it is just alarmist

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