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How much money would you have to spend to get a visit from an ex-president of the USA to publicise your destination?

Some of the colonial architecture in Dominican Republic. Another slogan might be “dancing to the travel destination’s tune?”

Probably more than I make in a year.

But the desired effect of world-wide publicity has probably paid off.

Bill Clinton was in the Dominican Republic this week supporting tourism and trying to persuade Americans that it was a safe place to visit.

Last year the country was affected by a number of deaths of American visitors. Atv the time there were all sorts of claims that it was due to food poisoning but that was never proven. The unusually high number of deaths had been put down to coincidence. That didn’t stop there being a slump in Americans visit the Dominican Republic.

It seems to have had little if any impact on visitor numbers from the UK to the country but that could be because it was hardly reported over here. Again that could be due to the fact that I don’t remember there being any British deaths so the ,ass media wouldn’t have had much of a UK interest story to run.

At the time though it looked a little strange but memories are short and booking from the USA to the country picked up as the year came to an end.

Given that you wonder why bother with using Clinton – or any other ex-president or celebrity-  as a frontman. Wouldn’t his making comments like “the Dominican Republic is well on its way to full recovery from the little hiccup we had over the tourism,” just remind people that once there was an issue?” To go on to say, “There are 58 countries in the world which are less safe for American tourists than the Dominican Republic,” isn’t really a help. It might just make Americans wonder what the 58 are and, secondly, what are the other 110 or so safer countries!

The problem with such a high profile figure is that he would be escorted everywhere and his secret service detail probably kept him well away from any dodgy areas – if there are any – in the country. In the end, people might just say that he was paid to say it and what does he really know about safety and the country as a whole!

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