Saving £1,000 in 23 weeks

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This is the amount of money that it is suggested could be saved by giving up drinking over a twenty-three week period.

With my savings on giving up beer and wine cI could afford a luxury holiday

That tells me that I am certainly not drinking my fair share of the alcohol ocean because there is no way I could save that sum of money. That is unless I do a lot more drinking than I currently do. And even then, most of it would have to be out in restaurants and pubs where costs are much greater than buying booze in a supermarket.

To save a £1,000 I would have to really souse my liver in the first place and knock it back like W.C Fields in order to give it up to save the money which seems hellishly convoluted!

The suggested savings come from Caxton, the foreign exchange company. They think the saving all this cash could mean that we could take luxury holidays instead and say that even if we gave up drinking for a month we could save enough for a short break.

Pointing out that some people use January as a no-alcohol month, the saving over the five weeks in January would amount to £218.To get to that figure I would have to be spending just over £7 every day of the 31 day month.

Researchers from, on behalf of Caxtons, worked out the savings, based on the average couple drinking eight pints of beer and one bottle of wine per week at a pub or bar. It worked out that a couple would save, on average, £44 a week.

I’m not average then.

There is no hope for me then since I don’t go to a pub or bar enough days in the week to sin k all this booze.

Sorry tour operators.

For me it won’t be a luxury holiday this year.

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