Jet 2 is the best again

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Amongst airlines in the UK and Ireland, (BA, Virgin Atlantic, TUI, easyJet, Ryanair, Flybe, Loganair and Aer Lingus although not all of these appear in the study), Jet 2 came out as the most punctual airline in 2019 according to industry monitor OAG.

Jet 2 was the UK’s most punctual airline in eight of the eleven available monthly OAG reports in 2019 (December data not yet available). 

With 250 airlines ranked globally in total, ranks as the 19th most punctual airline in the world (five years ago it was 20th) and the sixth most punctual airline in Europe. But amongst low-cost airlines In Europe, Jet 2 is the most punctual and, considering low-cost airlines around the world, it is the fifth most punctual.

Readers may remember that Jet 2 held this honour the last time OAG analysed on-time performance as well. And the time before that.

European airlines, other than Jet 2 are woeful in punctuality compared to airlines around the world  with only five making it into the top twenty whereas airlines based in Asia and the Pacific take nine of the twenty places. Aeroflot, the Russian state-owned airline, was listed as the most punctual European airline.

The best airline in the world for on-time performance in 2019 was Garuda Indonesia with an average punctuality of just over 95%; meaning 19 of every 20 flights operated to within 15 minutes of the schedule. (Arrival within fifteen minutes of the scheduled time is considered to be “on-time” in the industry whereas if you travelled by train, often a fifteen minute delay would trigger a compensation payment.) The Panama airline, Copa Airlines was in second place.

Before anyone points out that Jet 2 doesn’t fly from the two busiest airports in the UK and that UK air space is particularly congested,  in the world it is worth remembering that many of the airlines in the top ten are flying the congested airspace of South East Asia which has some of the busiest airports.

If those airlines can cope with that and still offer better punctuality then it is time that UK and European airlines learn from how it is achieved instead of just trotting out the usual excuses as to why they are late!

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