Should we holiday in Cyprus

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The calls for a tourist boycott of Cyprus because of the treatment received by a nineteen year old girl who alleged that 12 men had raped her and then withdrew the allegations only to then claim pressure by the authorities to retract her allegation demonstrates the power of tourism.

Aphrodite Rock in Cyprus
the Aphrodite Rock in Cyprus. Should we continue to visit the country or boycot it?

This isn’t the only case where tourism has been used as a weapon although, if employed, it is usually as an economic weapon.

Last year, cruise ships threatened a boycott of Antigua and Barbuda after the government queried the value of cruise tourism to the economy of the country. Even before that, cruise companies had announced bans because of tourism taxes imposed by some Caribbean countries.

What it shows is that the holidaymaker and traveller is a valuable commodity to be used as and where necessary by any number of groups be they governments or issue groups as a way of trying to influence the way things operate.

Should tourists pay heed to any of this pressure? Should it affect whether we holiday in a country or not?

That Cyprus has British tourists as the number one tourism group means that calling for a ban on tourists travelling there could be a really important and potentially vital instrument. That this particular case seems to be less than simple and that the Foreign Office has issued a statement questioning the way the case has been pursued by Cyprus should also make visitors ponder.

The incident occurred in Ayia Napa, an area well-known for over exuberance and nightlife. If you want to party long and loud, parts of this town are where to go. But this is not an excuse if what is alleged by the girl happened.

But should we avoid Cyprus as a holiday destination because of a questioned justice system or just Ayia Napa? Should we continue to holiday in Cyprus regardless?

Each must decide for themselves.

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