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Europe’s largest online travel company, eDreams ODIGEO (which owns Opodo) has polled 10,000 of its customers around the world of which 2,000 were in the UK to see what us consumers want from travel companies in the future.

Wi-fi is the top choice

48 % of UK customers want free wi-fi and streaming services on-board whilst 41% want faster and or supersonic planes. Coming a close third I something I would vote for – beds in all classes on board a flight. 29% of their customers want electric planes (can they be more than a decade or so away?) and 28% want open spaces on board flights with games, a cinema and entertainment.

We would also like (well, a quarter of us) food delivery on-board to eat favourite foods. 10% of us even say that we should keep things as they today. That seems a very unedifying prospect. Does that one in ten of us group not have a single thing that they would do to make future air travel more interesting or better?

Incidentally, the top wish for responders from the USA was to have open spaces with games, cinema and entertainment on-board.

Continental’s fully flat-bed Business First seat

50% of UK respondents believe language barriers might become a thing of the past and overcome by technological devices that offer simultaneous translation and 41% think English will be more widely spoken worldwide. When comparing the global data as a whole, 23% of UK customers still believe travellers will need to learn languages as we do today to overcome language barriers yet only 7% of Americans think the same.

The research was robust enough to even breakdown answers by region. So, for example, the regions putting the most faith in technology to help reduce the prices of holidays was the east and north east of England as well as Scotland. Northern Ireland are the most hopeful that VR will store travel memories and responders from London are the most likely to believe in space travel, to hope for beds in planes, improved airport queues and continuous food delivery on board!

Now if I had been asked, I think my choice would have been more flights to places I want to go from my local airport rather than having to go to London airports, Doha, Dublin or Amsterdam.

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