Which way, Australia?

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Over the holidays the boldest tourism campaign was launched by Australia. Fronted by Kylie Minogue, the campaign deluged social media whilst there was less in the traditional media.

an image from Glenorie Rural Bush Fire Brigade

But will it do any good bearing in mind the headlines that we are getting about bushfires in  NSW, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and now in Victoria?

Headlines like “Tourists told to evacuate” and “South coast holidaymakers may be trapped” have resulted in a smaller number of domestic holidaymakers travelling this holiday time in Australia. Images of smoke blanketing Sydney and other places along with stories about people suffering from breathing problems haven’t helped. Attractions and accommodation providers are noticing the difference.

But will the almost daily diet of bushfire pictures deter overseas people from booking holidays in Australia? It could be the case.

Just about Travel has two stories about Australia that are ready to run but we have decided not to go ahead because holidaying in Australia is not in people’s minds at the moment. A quick poll amongst some readers (which is nowhere near representative in the way it was planned) suggests it isn’t a country that is being considered at the moment. If the headlines, images and stories disappear it may come to the fore again but at the moment Australia may be a no-no.

There was even talk of the firework display heralding in 2020 on Sydney Harbour might be cancelled this year not just because of the message that might be sent out when so many have lost homes, animals, crops and buildings due to the blazes but because the temperature was hotting up again and a spark might set something off. There is already a total fire ban.

As of writing, the firework display will go ahead. Might that help reassure a world that Australia is a place that should be on the holiday list this year?

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