ABTA’s holiday forecasts for 2020

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If you watched any television over Christmas, looked at your smartphone or went online than you can be in no doubt that the holidays selling season has begun.

Chicago and its architecture and skyscrapers are one of ABTA’s tips….

Kylie Minogue promoting Australia might have been the biggest eye-catching moment since all the mainstream media have run Kylie stories recently – mostly concerning her TV show – but also mentioning that she is promoting her home country.

But that publicity might be to no avail. Britons might decide on something closer to home.

As Just about Travel starts its annual summaries of what is being tipped as the holiday destinations for 2020, let’s start wirh the travel trade body, ABTA. As the largest travel trade association with both travel agents and tour operators amongst its members, it should have a pretty good idea of what is becoming popular.

Its annual forecast, Travel Trends 2020 report, highlights five key travel trends and it reveals ABTA’s 12 destinations to watch.

The first trend is that holidaymakers are seeking a variety of ways to get support during the online booking process and many companies have brought in a multi-channel approach to personalise their service for customers in response to this demand. That involves technology upgrades with social media teams including those pop-ups saying that Tracy or Jackie or whoever is available to chat to you if you wish. There is a greater use of messenger aps as more people swing away from things like Facebook to What’s Ap and other similar products.

… as is Georgia and its capital, Tblisi. The hot, sulphuric springs shown attract tourists

Almost completely the opposite to this growing trait is that there is a group of holidaymakers who want to slow the pace of their holidays which ABTA calls “slow travel.” These holidaymakers want a slower tempo to their breaks  preferring experience destinations on a deeper level – making more genuine connections with local people and cultures. This is affecting guided holidays where much is packed into a day. “Slow Holidays “ have much more time set aside for just a few stops rather than jam-packing them in.

Value for money is becoming more important which might be a trait that TUI has spotted by switching its all-inclusive brand, First Choice, into one that trumpets a good deal along the lines that the old Sunset Holidays and Airtours used to do.

Personalised tourism is also becoming a key offering by with travel companies with flexible opportunities for holidaymakers making it seem as though the holiday is more tailored to the individual rather than a take-it or leave –it offer.

With tourism pollution being an oft repeated story in 2019, ABTA divines a trend for holidaymakers to be more conscious of the effect that they are having on the landscape and opting for holidays where their footprint will be less damaging than in some areas.

Grenada in the Caribbean is also on ABTA’s list

As to where people will go, ABTA says that staycations will continue to perform well and that Europe will continue to be host to the main destinations.

The destinations that have made the list are: Basilicata which it calls a ‘more relaxed version of the Amalfi coast’; Chicago and Lake Michigan; Georgia which is on the Black Sea and not the US state; Grenada in the Caribbean; Madrid and nearby cities; Morocco; Netherlands, Namibia; Singapore; South Korea; Uruguay and Vienna in Austria.

These might be their tips for 2020 and they may see more visitors because many will appeal to holidaymakers who want a more quiet holiday but Spain and its Costas, Canaries and Balearic islands will still be where a huge number for Britons and Irish will holiday.

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