Barbados booms

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The demise of Thomas Cook has already had an effect on the Caribbean. The company was responsible – just by itself – of about 3% of all tourism to the area so the coming winter season when it sees its biggest number of visitors is crucial.

Barbados – the warmth and the rum may attract you as well as the cuisine!

Barbados was one of the countries that offered a bonus to those Thomas Cook customers to encourage them to continue to visit the island. It is too early to see how successful that will be. But what we do know is that Barbados is having a boom year despite Thomas Cook.

So far, there has been an average 4.2% increase in the number of us travelling there compared to last year. But Britons have flocked there providing over double the average figure. Only visitors from nearby nations provided higher figures.

Over half a million visitors 522,583 visitors flew in and another 840,000 are forecast to visit Barbados from cruise ships docking there.

Why the appeal this year compared to previous years?

Some of it is certainly due to the efforts of the Barbadian government in promoting the island and managing to persuade more airlines to add the country to their itineraries.

Next year using the slogan “We Gatherin”, the tourist initiative is to invite all friends and family of Barbados to the island next year. Why next year rather than another year? There is no real reason although it will be 395 years since Britons first landed on the island. It is always a good timeyear to visit Barbados the islanders will tell you.

Today Britons still make up the largest group of visitors and tourists to the island so the tourist authority will be working hard to persuade more of us to holiday there. 

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