Would an £80,000 fine deter you?

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As another busy time at our airports and on flights comes upon us, once again a consortia of airports is warning us to go easy on our drinking.

Bottle shaped One Too Many campaign
the logo of the current One Too Many campaign

Drink too much and become abusive, obstreperous and generally pretty unpleasant and you could face an £80,000 fine if you delay a flight or cause it to divert.

Nobody wants to put up with or even encounter such an idiotic prat who decides it would be “fun” to get pie-eyed at the airport or on the flight. It makes it at the very least uncomfortable for other passengers and it can be downright dangerous.

And I mean “dangerous” because some of these idiots in the past have tried to open exit doors whilst the plane was at 30,000 feet. You can understand some people’s reactions when they wish that the pillock had fallen out, provided that is, that other passengers weren’t affected.

Members of the travel industry are reminding the few of us that are daft enough to us go over the top by launching their second winter campaign under the banner of “One Too Many.”

Some twenty airports are involved in the promotion and I want to mention each one of them because there are many that haven’t yet signed up to this campaign to make flying more enjoyable and better for all concerned. They are (in no particular order)

Manchester Airport Group (Manchester, Stansted and East Midlands),

AGS Airports (Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton),

Regional City Airports (Bournemouth, Exeter, Norwich),

Doncaster Sheffield,

Belfast International,

Liverpool John Lennon,

Leeds Bradford,








Just because some airports say they don’t have a problem doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t support the campaign. So to Belfast City, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Guernsey, Southend, Edinburgh, London City, Inverness, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Prestwick and Newquay. I say join up.

You probably are of the same mind as the airports which are members but it is time to stand up and be counted so that passengers flying from any of our airports (and not just the bigger ones that I have listed) are fully aware of the consequences if they turn abusive.

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