A Christmas present from Edinburgh Airport

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Edinburgh Airport was going to increase the fee it charges just for passengers to be dropped off to £5. You pay that if you stop for a single second or five minutes. But if you stay longer than 15 minutes you pay £9.

Edinburgh Airport where it costs a fiver just to drop someone off

Just over a year ago it was just a pound. Then it doubled and doubled again to £4. Should we be thankful they didn’t double it this time but only raised it by another £1?

But with the Christmas rush about to begin, the airport had decided to fleece some passengers of yet more of their cash.

Listen to the airport and they will say that it is to ease congestion and encourage people to use public transport.


If it was really to deter people surely it would adopt a carrot and stick approach and reduce the exorbitant price that you pay on the tram just to cover the last lap of the journey.

Travel anywhere on the tram in Edinburgh and it will cost you £1.70 or £4 for a day. Go to the airport and it is £6 or £8.50 return which suggests that passengers are paying £4.30 (on a single ticket) for a ticket from just Ingliston Park and Ride to the airport stop – a distance of only just over half a mile. Make that fare a little cheaper and the congestion the airport complains about might diminish.

It seems passengers have had enough.  One, Robert Finlayson, created the petition. Others have taken to comments on various websites.

But will it do any good? Will the company have a change of heart? Of course not, we will just have to live with it.

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