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Following on from Saturday’s story about the fact that ebookers says 90% of us are likely to visit the same destination more than once, the company also asked people in their survey which countries they are most likely to re-visit.

Ibiza one of the many places in Spain that we would re-visir

Here is the top twenty.

1. Spain

2. France

3. The USA

4. Italy

5. Greece

6. Portugal

7. Germany

8. Holland

9. Belgium

10. Canada

11. The Caribbean

12. Austria

13. Australia

14. Croatia

15. Singapore

16. New Zealand

17. Thailand

18. Mexico

19. South Africa

20. China

I am surprised at some of the names on this list because some people might consider that such long haul countries are ones that might only be visited just once in a lifetime.

Minnie & Micky Mouse
theme parks are the main reason Britons travel to Florida

I can understand any of the European countries being included on the list because they are close by, there won’t be any jetlag to get over and the flight time is only a few hours at most.

But the USA and Canada at least seven or so hours away and has a five hour time difference. Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and China are over ten hours away and, in the case of Australia or New Zealand, can be 11-12 hours away and require us to travel for over 22 hours to get there.

Is this something that would be regularly envisaged by so many people?

I can understand Canada, Australia and New Zealand, perhaps even South Africa and the United States because of the strong family links that can exist. I have to confess myself that I have probably travelled to Australia more than thirty times but that is because my mother and my sister’s family live.But why China? Isn’t that a one off holiday destination? A bucket-list destination?

It is easy to see the appeal of Sydney in Australia

Where is India on the list? Not only is it a popular holiday destination it has string family ties with the UK. You might have thought that alone might warrant its inclusion in the top twenty?

And where are places closer to home like Ireland and Denmark, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt? Where are Finland, Norway and Sweden? What of popular city-break places like the capitals of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic?  I thought Poland might be high in the list only because so many links now exist between Poland and the UK but then I also thought that Turkey would be there as well given how popular it has become.

But this is only a survey and I am probably reading too much into it? It could be that we are returning to a country to visit different places there. Somehwere the size of China, the USA and Australia has enough to attract you for tens of visits.

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