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Trans-national tourist promotions are nothing new. London and New York have both swapped opportunities, the Caribbean (via the Caribbean Tourism Organization) often promotes the area as a whole and African nations have set up a body this year to foster tourism across nations.

The Pembroke coastline faces and provides a ferry link between Wales and Ireland

But I can’t remember (some reader will point out that I am wrong) when there was a pan Irish Sea promotion.

Six counties – Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire, Wicklow, Wexford, and Waterford – have got together to promote what they call the Celtic Spirit.  

Ireland and Wales share a strong Celtic background stretching bag millennia. In the time of the Celtic saints like St David and St Patrick there was close contact between the two nations. The ogham script that is found on many early Christian standing stones is Irish in origin with Pembrokeshire containing the most ogham stones in the UK.

In the light of this cross Irish Sea links, Celtic Routes has come about. This is a branded collection of tourism experiences encouraging travellers to visit Ireland and Wales to discover the Celtic spirit by suggesting immersive and authentic experiences in West Wales and South East Ireland. That spirit includes heritage, legends, myths and destinations. Stop at a service are in West Wales and chances are, in the rack of brochures that you will undoubtedly find, you will find a brochure for an attraction or an event in Wexford, the closest Irish county to Wales with Rosslare having ferry links to Fishguard and Pembroke..

It was developed to promote the natural, cultural and heritage assets common to each of the counties to increase visitor numbers and maximise their tourism economies. The partnership encourages new and seasoned visitors to explore much wider areas, away from the major transit routes and well-known tourism ‘honeypots’.

With a budget of £1.37 million from the European Ireland Wales Co-operation Programme, (what will happen now to funding after the UK election result?) we will start seeing promotion for Celtic Routes in  time for the 2020 booking season.

But it isn’t just British and Irish destinations that will be targeted for potential visitors. The campaign will also roll out in France, Germany and the USA.

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