Why the same place for a holiday?

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In March this year we ran the results of a survey from hotels.com about people’s fondness for holidaying the same place year after year.

Time for a trip to Tenerife?
Tenerife – wone of the most popular places for Britons to return for a second or third holiday.

Now another survey, this time from ebookers, seems to confirm that

This time however, ebookers says that the research shows that as many of 90% of us return to the same location that we have already visited. It claims that Britain is stuck in a holiday rut! Hotels.com claimed on that 50% of us returned to the same place more than once.

It also claims that, on average, Britons “have packed up and headed to the same holiday spot five times.”  It seems, from the research, that 10% of us have been back to the same place FIFTEEN (their capitals) times or more.

I come back to the same question I asked last March. Why do people not explore other parts of the world rather than visit the same places so often?

Since March I have posed this question a number of times to differing friends and acquaintances. Here are some of the answers that I have been given:

  • Going back to the same place means I don’t have to visit the sites because I have seen them. I can visit them again or I can just sit back and thoroughly relax and really enjoy a break
  • I just like the place and can’t imagine I am going to be lucky enough to find another place that suits (or appeals) to me so much.
  • I don’t have to waste time finding my way around, learning how to use public transport so I don’t loss precious moments of my holiday.
  • I have so many flights to here (the destination) from my local airport that I don’t have to waste time travelling to airports miles away to get here. (A similar answer was that the person would waste so many hours getting to and from the airport or that they would need to book a hotel the night before that it made it time consuming and cost more money)
  • I go with the same friends each year and this is the place we all agree on.

There you have it. In some cases, they aren’t the best of reasons but some might surprise some overseas destinations which think that local charms should be enough to lure us there!

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