Leaving your garden

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It seems that some people are unwilling to go on holiday because their fear that their gardens will become overgrown and unmanageable.

The Lost Gardens
The Mysterious Lost Gardens of Heligan. We might not want to leave our own gardens to visit ones like this

This finding comes from research by Inspired Villages, a company involved in retirement communities.

Can this be true? Is the upkeep of their gardens so laborious that if they leave it for a week or two and then have to catch up with weeding, mowing, pruning and other things like dead-heading? Or is it an excuse not to go on holiday at all?

At the same time we know that visiting gardens is a prime reason for people to take day-trips and short breaks.

When Inspired Villages and their research agency surveyed 2,000 retired people who were over 65, they found that 82% put off longer trips abroad over worries about home security, leaving their pets for a prolonged period and even missing their home comforts. More than one in 10 don’t want miss family commitments and nearly a fifth are concerned about an increased cost of insurance.

To get these people – who have money to spend and, in some cases, a lot of money to spend –   tour operators and travel agents are going to have to address these issues.


Because the same research showed that if these problems were sorted, many would like to extend their travels to as long as three months. And some would travel a great deal more.

The study also revealed a ‘Golden Gap Year’ isn’t just a dream concept – nearly 25% of retirees have taken a year to go travelling in their retirement, or would consider doing so in the future.

And they’d be willing to spend £9,059 for a year away from their normal life, according to the same research.

Holidays taken by silver surfers as they have been called according to ONS figures show a 37% increase in spending on trips abroad by people aged 65 or older in the last four years. Last year, retirees spent £6.2 billion abroad, compared to £4.5 billion in 2014. It also emerged more than half reckon they go away more often in their retirement than when they worked.

That means there is a lot of pent up demand if the issue of home security whilst abroad, looking after pets, maintaining gardens and the increasingly high cost of travel insurance could be resolved or even part way resolved.

There is an opportunity out there for a savvy tour operator if they can resolve those questions!

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