Beware the Christmas pud

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Being a humbug about Christmas, I don’t like Christmas puddings.

Don’t try and scan you Christmas pud. Put it in the hold

But not as much, it seems as Manchester Airport.

They have warned those flying through the airport that Christmas puddings should not be packed in hand luggage but in luggage destined for the hold.


The airport doesn’t say but at least one travel trade publication has suggested that it might be mistaken by the scanning eqipment as a bomb.


The days when bombs looked like Christmas puddings went out with the Goons, and Hi-di-Hi. Those were the days when the word bomb” had to be written on the packaging so the audience knew what it was. Just as men in striped jerseys and face masks carrying sacks marked swag” have disappeared along with china dishes in economy class and those long ago days when you drove up to the front of the airport, walked across the tarmac and climbed just a few steps into a plane.

Christmas crackers are also a problem.

The airport reminds passengers that carrying crackers in hand luggage is usually forbidden so check with the airline on which you are flying to see what their policy is.

I suppose people do really carry puddings and crackers? But why? If you are having Christmas away from home then why not celebrate it by adopting the local habits and eat what they eat and celebrate as they celebrate. Otherwise you might as well stay at home, turn the heating up and pretend that you are somehwere warm.

It will probably be cheaper too.

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