Why an all-inclusive holiday?

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When I holiday I want peace and quiet, a world away from mobile phones and the internet where the only question I have to ask is which book shall I read today.

All inclusive holidays
All inclusive holidays takes the hassle out of a holiday some say.

But I am probably the exception to the rule as many surveys suggest internet connections and mobile phone signals are important making me think that some people just do not want a break from their usual life.

The website, MoneySavingHeroes, has looked into what Britons want when it comes to booking holidays abroad and concludes that one in three of us will only book all-inclusive package holidays abroad.  That still means that 70% of us are happy to venture out of those all-inclusive enclaves into the world around us.

But why should they book all-inclusives?

The suggestion from the research is that just under half of us – 48% – don’t trust themselves if they book it themselves. The thought is that all-inclusives will only include legitimate suppliers whereas it is possible that if you book it yourself you might up with something dodgy!

That doesn’t seem to suggest we have much confidence in ourselves to book holidays!

Not far behind that reason is one that many people say makes all-inclusives so appealing  – that it takes the stress out of booking the holiday.

And then, say 43% of responders, comes the fact that all-inclusives cater for “everyone’s wants and needs.” Really? What about trying to absorb local culture and different styles of the local cuisine. Can all this be found by staying in the one place? Most – 57% – obviously think not.

Almost three in ten people say that booking an all-inclusive holiday means that they don’t have to spend so much time shopping around.

For those who don’t book all-inclusives, two-thirds of responders say that it is due to the cost. This is by far and away the largest consideration because the next reason – wanting to have a larger selection of hotels and destinations – was nominated by just 15% of responders.

The next reason given, and that was given by just 8% of people, was that by booking an all-inclusive they were “less likely to end up in a hotel with families and unruly children.” I must have stayed in the odd one that does have unruly children then!

All-inclusives may be loved by tour operators and liked by holidaymakers but destinations aren’t fond of them. That is because they feel that less holiday maker spending money seeps into the local economy but stays with the holiday company.

But it does look as though more and more people are opting for this type of holiday.

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