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The majority of caravan sites are to be found out of town. They require space to park and to turn around as well as the necessary facilities. Too often that means that caravan owners head for the sites, passing through the nearest town on their way, and then continue, when leaving, on to their next destination.

caravan site numbers grow
free sites for caravanners?

But caravan owners, by not having a pitch at which to stop, affect the local economy and it suffers by not having the money that those caravanners might otherwise spend.

Some Australian towns are doing something about this.

Although the cost of a pitch for the night is not expensive in the scheme of things, caravan park owners have been installing spas and other attractions to woo tourists. This has resulted in increased prices so some caravan parks can be pricey, especially when all you want for the night is somewhere to park and a place to shower for the night.

Attracting tourists is important and, in some cases, vital given that the effect of a long drought on local economies has substantially reduced the amount of money being spent in communities.

Some destinations have decided to get into the caravan pitch business by creating their own. They have showers and toilets, laundry facilities and are often free. In this year these local authority sites are attracting tourists to towns that otherwise might be just considered to be a place through which it is necessary to drive.

And they are doing all this to attract caravanners who might otherwise go elsewhere. And what’s more, many of the sites are free.

Take Babinda for example. This is a small town that few will have heard of even in this part of North Queensland. Yet you will have heard of its much bigger neighbour – Cairns. OK, Cairns is about 50 kilometres away  but accommodation in the peak season (our late Spring and summer) can see prices double over the low season. Prices can easily reach over the equivalent of £30 per night. Hotels will be a great deal more

But for nothing you can have hot showers, toilet facilities and water yet remain within a fifty minute drive of all the attractions such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree rainforest.

Will local authorities in the UK follow their Australian counterparts and set up free sites to attract caravanners?


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