Yes, airport retailers do charge more

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It is a considered feeling by many airport passengers that you pay more at airports than you do either online or on the high street.

Australian must eats; Tim Tam’s (eaten already) and Vegemite

Certain retailers say that they charge the same regardless of location but that may not be the same throughout the world.

Ar Sydney Airport in Australia afew days ago, I looked at the retailers that were airside as I was plannng to use up my few remaining dollars.

My eyes were drawn to two particular Australian products that are known around the world, Vegemite and Tim-Tams.

For those who haven’t come across these Aussie staples, then Vegemite is a bit like Marmite but so sticky and much more spreadable. Tim-Tams are a bit like Penguin bars but in a wider range such as ones with caramel or white chocolate ones.

Both are widely available in supermarkets, corners shops and general stores. In fact I had already bought a jar of Vegemite and a packet of Tim-Tams to bring home so I knew what the prices should probably be give or take a few cents.

I bought a 560gm jar of Vegemite (enough to last me a year and in a size that you can’t get in the UK) and it cost me $8.95 in a Woolworths supermarket. A 220gm jar at the Think Sydney store at Sydney Airport was almost the same price at $8.99.

Tim-Tams were available in two different stores at $3.75 a packet. I paid $2.40 in Woolworths and my sister thought that was expensive but then she only buys them when they are on special! But I could get a deal at the airport. I could but five for $20 at WHS or 4 for $15 at Think Sydney. When you work it out that isn’t much of a deal.

At the Starbucks near gate, they were seling souvenir mugs of the city and Australia at $32.95. In the Starbucks near Circular Quay in the heart of Sydney, the same mugs were just $24.95.

The advice to air passengers must be don’t buy at the airport but buy on the high street and keep your remaining cash for next time or donate it to one of the charities.

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