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Years ago I use to take students who came to us for work experience to Gatwick Airport. The reason was to show them how difficult it was to locate the customer satisfaction stalls that were set up at the south terminal. From memory I think there were five and there weren’t easy to find. Few students spotted all of them.

the kiosk outside the gents at PU Dong terminal one

I was reminded of this when I was at Shanghai’s Pu Dong Airport this week

The reason was that I easily counted five stalls all with customer satisfaction forms and all in easily spotted places, I counted five just between gates 15 and 32 and I didn’t even walk the whole of that part of terminal one.

There wasn’t one at every gate just some but that was an improvement on what I saw at Gatwick. And Heathrow just has those infernal machines that asks you to hit a button that has a smiley face or a range leading to a very unhappy one.

The one that I thought was really well placed was the one placed outside the ladies and gents toilets just beyond gate 17 and 18. Toilets are a key stopping off place for passengers so positioning one in such a situation showed good sense to me. If you want to encourage passengers to genuinely provide feedback you should put them somewhere obvious and well frequented. And that is exactly what the airport authority had done.

Some would say that it was even a courageous move on the part of the airport because dirty toilets are off-putting and very difficult to keep clean unless there is an attendant on duty all the time. 

Congratulations then to Pu Dong Airport. It does actually seem they want to know what passengers think. Here’s one that was impressed. (And the toilets were spotlessly clean too!)    

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