Where are the travel companies?

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The Institute of Customer Service has announced the shortlist for its 2020 UK Customer Satisfaction Awards. Normally Just about Travel wouldn’t cover the shortlist only the eventual winners.

Transpennine Express – the only travel related company to appear in the ICS list

But next year we won’t be covering the winners.

Why not?

Because there won’t be one single travel company amongst them.

In fairness, it could be because no travel related company was nominated but that seems a strange conclusion since travel companies like Virgin Atlantic have won awards in the past. And Jet 2 has also won other customer satisfaction awards run by different bodies. It also seems strange given that travel companies make such a song and dance of how responsive they are to the needs of the customer that they don’t appear in these short lists.

Earlier in the year, British Airways won two awards from Engine and Awario but it didn’t haven’t to enter in order to win. That could be why its name doesn’t appear.

The closest company to the travel industry that is shortlisted is TransPennine Express which is a candidate in the Best Application of Technology award.

In the important Best Customer Experience award and the Best Customer Satisfaction Experience award there is no company even remotely related to travel.

Are travel companies not telling us of the innovations and customer satisfaction claims or are they being outperformed by other companies? Whatever the reason it looks bad in the eyes of the public

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