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Travelodge has wondered how the the family road outing has altered over the years. A dose of nostalgia for how it was like in the good old days is not something that appeals to me since I don’t remember them being that good.

Remember open roads or is that memory being faulty?

I remember having to stop on many journeys because the radiator was boiling or because one of us wanted to be sick. I remember sitting in traffic jams as we and thousands decided it would be a good day to go the beach. All this was before air conditioning so all you could do was wind down the windows. And when you did get there, the beaches were packed with people all trying to find a square inch they could call their own for the day

There were few dual carriageways let alone motorways so a journey from Cardiff to Portsmouth – for example – would take most of the day.

Travelodge found in its nostalgia trip that 38% of families today don’t play I-Spy and 36% have never sung Ten Green Bottles. Maybe they are singing Lloyd George Knew My Father which can be equally irritating! 

About a third of responders don’t use physical Ordnance Survey maps any more but probably rely on SatNav. Only a fortnight ago, a SatNav recommendation sent someone I know miles out of his way so that system has gone to the tip.

It could be that he should have done something that is also apparently dying out; stopping and asking for directions!

Only 29% of us take a flask with us and about the same number make sandwiches.

Yet whilst 22% of kids don’t ask “are we nearly there yet?” It shows that 88% of kids probably do.

Some things don’t change! Also not changing are arguments in the car. British families will also on average have three about the journey/ directions.

I wonder what today’s kids will look back nostalgically upon when  they are parents or even grandparents?

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