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Apologies to all readers but I am a little late in bringing this story to you.

the design for the revamped Scotrail carriages

Scotrail has decided to convert some carriages on five trains to be able to carry up to twenty bicycles at a time.

Given how popular cycling has become and how difficult it is to fit bikes into train carriages as they are currently designed, this idea has the potential to attract more people to use trains.

On my local trains you are lucky to fit two bikes into a carriage and that usually makes it difficult for both bicyclists and other passengers.

Scotrail plans on introducing the first trains on the West Highland line so obviously this idea us aimed squarely at the tourist.

But, lest passengers think there will be fewer seats for passengers, Scotrail says that custom designed racks will be added to accommodate bikes, sporting equipment and large items of luggage and they will also find more seats for customers.

How you squeeze a quart out of a pint pot I don’t know but I’ll be interested to see when the revamped trains are introduced next year. The trains will also support winter sports in Scotland during the winter months, accommodating large bulky items such as ski bags and rucksacks.

There will also be the installation of free WiFi, at-seat power sockets and a refurbished toilet with controlled emission toilet (CET) tank.

The question cyclists will be asking is if Scotrail can do it, why not other train companies?

Rail companies providing services in rural areas as well as those linking tourist areas such as East Anglia, Wales, the south west of England and Cumbria – just to name a few places might want to closely watch how Scotrail fares with their ideas.

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