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Scoring the top tourist attractions in the world is always going to be a thankless task. Thankless because when all is said and done it comes down to personal preferences. Someone will always disagree and that can lead to endless philosophical discussions down the pub.

Macchi Piccu, Peru
Machu Piccu , Peru

Nonetheless, organisations regularly try to rate which is the most popular, the best and the worst. Ask a panel of experts and you would get a different answer from those who have less experience of viewing places and that is because most of us have to rely on what others say about it.

It is different if you gauge popularity because that would be based on the numb er of visitors but if the attraction is free how to you monitor visitor numbers.

And as organisations continue to tell us which are the best, so people like to read about them hence the fondness for top five or ten lists that constantly appear in the travel pages of the media.

The independent cruise retailer, ROL Cruise has taken a slightly different tack in its assessment in determining its top ten. Firstly it only looked at 25 attractions around the world and secondly it considered a number of factors. Those were online reviews (but using just Google and TripAdvisor), the hours that the attraction was open, UNESCO World Heritage status, (so the list really just covers heritage sites) and the number of hashtag mentions on Instagram thus restricting the source of interest to just those using Instagram.

Given all that who would argue with some of their choices other than the rankings? Here is their top ten;
1. Machu Picchu in Peru
2. Niagara Falls in Toronto
3. Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro
4. Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
5. Victoria Falls in Zambia
6. Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska
7. Gardens by the Bay in Singapore
8. St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City
9. The Colosseum in Rome
10. Angkor Wat in Cambodia

You might ask where are the UK and Irish entrants?  They don’t fare well with just the London Eye coming in at number 24.

Considering only 25 attractions must have been a difficult task in the first place and one which caused argument here in the JaT office. Maybe that is something we should consider in the future when we have time on our hands. And that isn’t going to happen!

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