Embrace a Giant Spirit

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Launched yesterday, this new strapline and theme is how the Northern Ireland Tourist Board and Tourism Ireland would like us to think of the province.

adapted from a photo by William Cherry/Presseye

They believe that this will attract more of us to travel and holiday in Northern Ireland over the next few years.

Behind the strapline are two concepts according to the two tourist authorities.

Firstly, a land built by a Giant Spirit which reflects consumer research and feedback that Northern Ireland is perceived as warm, engaging and big-hearted. It is a land built by pioneers and entrepreneurs with a rich cultural history, reflected through words, music and craft and woven together by a unique elemental beauty.

The second concept is an invitation to awaken your spirit based on what is known about what visitors seek out in Northern Ireland, namely, embracing the culture and heritage, connecting, discovering and refreshing.

Prior to rolling out the theme, the idea had been trialled  – along with some others that we weren’t told about – to potential visitors from the province’s key markets, the Republic of Ireland, the UK including the province itself, France, Germany and the USA.

 This theme was the most appealing.

But, some might say, what’s new? Isn’t this just re-packaging what we already know about Northern Ireland?

To a certain extent that is true although it is hoped that potential visitors will look at the province with a different and fresh perspective stimulated by the messages the authorities put across..

What they have done is to select a range of experiences to bring the brand to life in the first phase of roll out. On the list are established Northern Ireland attractions such as Titanic Belfast, more recent arrivals including Seamus Heaney HomePlace and great experiences such as Toast the Coast Food Tours and Erne Water Taxis.

Whatever you might think as a potential visitor be prepared for a flood of  promotional messages across both traditional and social media over the next few months.  

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