Michael O’Leary says its safe so it must be.

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This morning Ryanair produced its latest financial figures.

They might appeal to the city, financiers and investment house but I bet that even some of the investors in Ryanair were taken aback – not by the presentation or answers to questions on the airline’s website but with the interview Michael O’Leary gave to Radio 4’s Today programme.

737-MAX 8 Artwork. Image © Boeing

In that radio interview, the Ryanair boss said, referring to the Boeing 737 Max,  “People will want to fly on it. It is a very safe aircraft, it is a great aircraft.” There was no comment like this on the Ryanair website.

There the word “great” was used but in terms that the aircraft was great for the airline in that it provided more seats, less carbon emissions than its current fleet and used less fuel.

All of this is true but is it great for passengers.

Do we have trust in it? Will we want to fly in it?

For O’Leary to claim that passengers will want to fly on it is assuming a lot about Ryanair passengers.

Is O’Leary thinking that cheap fares will overcome any doubts passengers have? Does he assume that since Ryanair will have so many Max’s that passengers will think there is no choice but to fly on them.

And is the plane safe?

It doesn’t seem to be at the moment since it hasn’t been cleared to fly. At present, an early January date might be when it flies again but some commentators think that the plane will never fly especially since airlines are reporting cracks in older Boeing 737 models. With some qualms about the Boeing Dreamliners as well, how will passengers feel about flying on any Boeing?

The flight attendants union in the US are considering not allowing their members at American Airlines to fly on the 737 max due to continuing safety concerns. If they won’t fly on the plane why should passengers?

Questions posed to O’Leary on his website interview didn’t mention passenger doubts; it was only on the Today programme that they surfaced.

O’Leary’s glib answer may come back to haunt him.

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