Changing holiday patterns

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In celebration of the fact that Jet2holidays has marked a decade of offering holidays of any duration to customers, it has produced a chart showing how the demand for seven and fourteen day holidays has declined over the years.

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Jet 2Holidays

Back in 2009/2010, three-quarters of all overseas holidays were of either seven of fourteen days in duration.  By the time we had reached 2018/2019, this had declined to just 64%.

Back at the turn of the century, I suppose, many of us travelling abroad might have used charter flights and they would have operated on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Holidays booked at travel agents would have consisted largely of 7,c 10 or 14 days in duration with those lasting longer tending to be in multiples of seven such as 21 and 28 days.

When weekend and city breaks became popular we opted for three or four day breaks which might have helped to break the mould.

By the time, low cost flying had really become popular we had many more flights to choose from instead of the Wednesday or Saturday flights so I suppose this is where the decline in seven and fourteen day holidays really began to be noticeable.

Jet 2, as one of the low cost airlines, contributed to this decline is standard size holidays but I hadn’t realised just how much of a drop there had been.

The airline consulted its booking records over the last ten years and came up with some interesting regional variations.

At East Midlands Airport, there was a drop of 21 percentage points. (87% of bookings were for 7 or 14-night stays in 2009, compared to 66% in 2019.) At Manchester, the drop was less – 13 percentage points (73% in 2009 to 60% in 2019.

The drop is more even that you might expect when you consider the ages of passengers. The pattern is most noticeable amongst 18-25 year olds (77% in 2009 compared to 63% in 2019), 46-55 year olds (75% in 2009 compared to 63% in 2019), and 56-65 year olds (78% in 2009 compared to 66% in 2019).

Of course, Jet 2 Holidays is just one company. Records from other arlines and tour operators may be different and show that seven and fourteen days is still the norm.

In another decade, who can say whether the seven or fourteen day holiday will still be even available as more of our holiday habits change?

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