Sunshine ends

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Into Tesco’s I wandered and what did I find?

Reductions on all suntan lotions.

Tesco knows. No more sunshine and no more hot days.

The supermarket has decided we will see no more sunshine until who knows when next year? It obviously thinks that anyone travelling abroad now won’t need suntan creams or that we will buy it when we get to our destination rather than stocking up on it now. Or it has written off there being any warm or hot days in our countries.

Whichever you look at it, it is off putting. It shows only pessimism for the rest of the year rather than any optimism.

There is still a week of half-term left in some parts but Tesco has decreed there will be no sun. Have they consulted the runes, pored over seaweed or consulted with the Met Office to come to that conclusion? Do they know something the rest of us don’t?

The weather forecast I saw last night suggested we had a few sunny days this week albeit they might be a bit chilly but surely if there is sunshine there is a chance of being burnt if someone is out in it for too long a time?

I suspect Tesco knows more than the rest of us. Someone up on high has decided to get rid of the stock so, regardless of what is to come, it has to go.

But what happens if we get an Indian summer? Will there be stocks of suntan creams around or will we all have to stay indoors?

No, there will be no Indian summer. Tesco has decreed it to be so.  

And if that doesn’t make you feel depressed, I don’t know what will.

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