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Today is yet another showery. A friend yesterday sad that it seems that it has rained all October and I think he might be right. Even yesterday which was sunny for most of the time was besmirched with rain in the early morning.

barbados beach
Barbados – like most of the Caribbean, there is more to enjoy than just beaches, sunshine and clear blue seas.

On days like this it is easy to let the mind wander to sunny, warm places and the Caribbean fits the bill.

Perhaps it is timely then that a campaign called Caribbean Calling has just started designed to entice us to travel there.

The promotion features Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, St Kitts and Tobago and is supported by British Airways Holidays – one of the largest providers of holidays to the region – supported by the umbrella group,  CTO, the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

The aim of the campaign is to highlight the diversity that is available in the Caribbean nations. In some ways, the CTO and the involved countries will be unhappy in that I began this story by pointing out that the Caribbean is a region you immediately think of when you think of warmth, sunshine, glorious beaches and turquoise blue waters for this campaign is designed to show  that there is much more to the islands than just this.

There is the wide choice of cuisines, attractions that vary from the colonial era to modern themes as well as a wide variety of wildlife, rainforests and adventure holiday propositions.

As I wrote earlier this promotion is being co-ordinated by the CTO but it could be the last they arrange in the UK since the UK office closing along with that in New York. Given that the UK and the USA are very large and vitally important markets for the Caribbean some in the travel trade are querying the value of this. It seems that individual countries and destinations will organise their future promotions with any co-ordination coming direct from the head office in Barbados.

To Carol and the others in the UK CTO office -who have made information available to writers and potential holidaymakers – grateful thanks.  

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