The Devil’s Horn

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I have to admit that in our family, we are rather fond of detective stories.

One of the tourist attractions of Palma in Mallorca – La Seu cathedral. Does it appear in The Devil’s Horn?

That’s as far as it goes. My wife prefers the Scandi-noir type ones and I am more traditional so currently I am working my way through long forgotten writers like Josephine Tey and Christianna Brand, the latter having also wrote the children’s novels on which the Nanny McPhee films are based.

Like so many people I was influenced to read some books by seeing a film orTV adaptation and with Brand it was seeing Alistair Sim as Inspector Cockrill in the old black and white film, Green for Danger.  The attractive feature of Cockrill and some sleuths such as C J Sansom’s. Mathew Shardlake and Ngaio Marsh’s Inspector Alleyn is that they are basically uncomplicated characters. It is their adversaries that are complicated.

Others such as Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse, Brother Cadfael from the pen of Ellis Peters and Anne Cleves’s DI Jimmy Perez have encouraged visitors to Oxford, Shrewsbury and Shetland respectively. We are all aware of how significant successful novels, tv series and films can be in attracting visitors to a destination.

Therefore if both Anna Nicholas and Mallorca are lucky they will draw tourists to the island in search of the locations used by Nicholas in her new series of Isabel Flores Montserrat mystery novels.

The first Montserrat detective novel,  The Devil’s Horn, was published last week and will be followed next year by the second in the series, Heart of Stone, in September 2020.

Montserrat isn’t racked with self-doubts, baggage from previous failures but is well-adjusted and normal allowing the reader to concentrate on the plot and the locale.

Living in the north of Mallorca herself, Nicholas has written four travel books (amongst others) as well as having a life that isn’t as well-adjjusted as her heroine’s After all, how many people accompany a grand piano across the world in order to install it in a mud church in Guyana?

And, with a travel PR background, you can bet that that the locations in her upcoming detective series will be pretty accurately portrayed making it easier for the reader to decide on a visit.

Is this Mallorca’s new travel promotion scheme to remnd us that the island is more than just about beaches, sunshine and watersports?

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