Better 66 than 65

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My annual travel insurance is about to expire.

Why should I pay more for travel insurance at 66 than 65? Cartoon © Dan Sperrin

I followed the guidance which is to shop around to get a better deal because my existing broker has quoted me two and a half times what I paid last year.

Yes I did write two and a half times.

Since reaching 66 I haven’t developed any ailments or problems that I didn’t have when I was 65. My limbs haven’t started playing me up so that I need a walking stick and my eyes are pretty much the same as they have been for the last few years as my optician will attest.

I haven’t had the need to see a doctor for a couple of years nor have I contracted any maladies save for the standard colds that everyone gets from time to time.

My hospital visits have been limited to visiting those unlucky enough to need their services and I can still compete more than adequately in pub quiz’s so the brain is still working. Why I can even get some answers before the competitors do in Only Connect on BBC2.

I don’t have trouble climbing flights of stairs or running around the block if need be; my cholesterol is low and my heart still seems to be working well.

So why am I am so blatantly being penalised?

It isn’t just my insurer either. So far I have contacted fourteen different insurance companies (ending up with countless e-mails that I didn’t want but had to accept in order to find out what their quotes were) and only one was below £150 with one being over £300!

Those companies saying that they specialise in the over fifties are particularly uncompetitive so I shall certainly be steering away from them in the future.

I thought I might try those comparative websites that are so annoyingly advertised on television but were they any better? Of course not because I wanted insurance against the demise of both airline and the company I travelled with. Start looking and the price isn’t anywhere close to the entrance rates that I got quoted. Most began with the word “from” and much time was spent clicking on the policy details to see what was and wasn’t covered.

And why is there such a big difference on the comparison websites with what appears on the Post Office website?

I’m getting a little tired of the whole exercise but I’ll be bwed if I am going to agree to these prices.

I’m still looking.

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