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As readers will be aware, the collapse of Thomas Cook has hit any number of countries hard.

The smile returns to Gambia if you holiday there

Hit even harder are some nations which receive far fewer tourists but which were heavily dependent on Thomas Cook. Take The Gambia for example. This English language speaking destination will lose 44,000 according to Mabrian yet only 100,000 visitors a year (according to the tourist board) holiday there and about 50% of them come from the UK. Losing 44,000 will be a significant drain on the country.

There are other holiday companies providing holidays to The Gambia but just as Thomas Cook returned quickly to the country after the troubles of 2017 other companies such as The Gambia Experience did as well. The difference is that Thomas Cook could supply large numbers of customers from its huge reach into the British market. Even specialists don’t have the potential muscle that Thomas Cook had.

So the country is now on the lookout for visitors to holiday in the country this coming autumn and winter. The Gambia Experience even has some discounted holidays to attract visitors using the small UK airline, Titan Airways. .

In answer to the question as to why you should holiday in this African country you could do no better than read Lynn’s account of her stay there four years ago and our report of the first tourists (233 flown in by Thomas Cook) returning after the 2017 troubles.

Looking at the official website, the only three UK companies that appear and provide holidays to The Gambia are the Gambia Experience and, yes, Thomas Cook. Its entries haven’t been removed and it is still listed as providing charter flights ro the country. Incidentally, they still appear as tour operators from Belgium, Germany and Scandinavia ( all five tour operators listed are owned by Thomas Cook) as well so you can judge the tremendous impact it had on the country.

How will Britons get there now? Titan Airways is the remaining link until other airlines step into the breach.

Next year the country celebrates 55 years since independence. The country would be pleased to see more Britons there to help celebrate the fact

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