A silver lining

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The demise of Thomas Cook has affected more countries than you might at first think.

Time for a trip to Tenerife?
Tenerife – where there may be 300,000 fewer Britons over the next six months. But that could mean there will be bargains to be had.

Yes, Thomas Cook was a global brand and took passengers around the world but its impact on particular countries and some UK airports has been substantial.

According to the travel intelligence company, Mabrian Technologies, Spain will lose about 1.23 million seats between now and next August, Turkey – 950,000, Greece – 610,000; Egypt -227,000 and Cyprus – 146,000.  Even Orlando in one of the world’s biggest tourism destinations is expected to potentially lose about 158,000 Thomas Cook visitors from the UK.

These are big tourism destinations but even then will they manage to find visitors from elsewhere to plug the gap?

What it may well mean is that there will be promotional efforts by many countries and destinations to encourage us to holiday this winter. These promotional efforts could be backed by discounting to tour operators that carry people to particular destinations. It might be reduced holiday prices or additional benefits like a free child place, a hotel upgrade or some excursions thrown into the pot.

Keep your eyes out for bargains. I am sure there will be some launched over the next month or so. At present companies are still assessing how they are impacted by Thomas Cook’s collapse. As soon as they complete the task, they will be looking for customers.

The autumn is always a stark time for the travel industry. Bills for the summer come in and if any company cannot see cash to carry them through the lean times they will consider putting the shutters up. this year they have even more to concern themselves which is why I think there will be discounting above and beyond the norm.

The last two weeks of October are traditionally half-tern periods when holiday prices and flights will be high. Avoid those times if you can and there will be discounts. But this year those discounts might be even greater.

And remember if you do book, make sure you have travel insurance, the company is bonded and you pay on a credit card. It’s what I will be doing.

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