Flying with babies

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It appears that when you book a seat on  Japan Air Lines that when you get to the seat selection page, an icon pops up to tell you where babies (or children under two)  will be thus giving you the  opportunity of sitting far away from them.

An angelic baby fast asleep? Will they be as angelic during a long flight?

Or even sitting close to them if you want to do that.

You have always been able to remove yourself from some small children and babies by avoiding the front row of any section in the cabin. This is where there are fittings for cribs/bassinets to be affixed to the wall and I’ve yet to be on a flight where these haven’t been used.

By enabling you to avoid adjacent seat there is a chance you might get a reasonably comfortable journey although babies can be well-behaved on the longest of flights.

Needless to say, some people have objected and the solution provided by Japan Air Lines isn’t perfect. What, for example, about people who select a seat after you. They might have babies and there seems to be nothing you can do about it.

Objectors say noise-cancelling headphones will do the job just as well. If that is the case why don’t airlines issue them to passengers seated next to small children? Others say it is unfair.

My concern is what about children about the age of two who might be sitting anywhere in the plane and can be as troublesome as those under two? And what about adult passengers who fiddle incessantly with their reclining seat buttons or talk loudly throughout the flight? Does Japan Air Lines have a solution on how to deal with them too?

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