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Thomas Cook is not having an easy time of it at the moment. Not only have they to reassure the city, their bondholders and their suppliers that they are safe and secure, they also need to persuade us – the travelling public – that all is safe.

Will a loyalty scheme encourage you to book at Thomas Cook?

To try and make us loyal, the company has launched Thomas Cook Rewards, a scheme whereby customers can earn cash rewards on spending on groceries or clothes which can then be used to go towards their next holiday.

The company claims that you can earn these rewards by spending with over 3,000 brands either through their rewards website, their app and through certain retailers on the High Street.

Once you have £10 or more in confirmed cash rewards, you’ll be able to transfer them to a Thomas Cook eGift card via the Redeem page in your My Rewards Account, ready to help pay for your next adventure or upgrade with Thomas Cook brands

Those retailers include Tesco, Samsung, but until you sign up it is pretty difficult to spot who they are. Your best bet is by pausing the explanatory video on the Thomas Cook website and reading the names there because I can’t find them in a simple list.

Needless to say in the ten days since the company launched this, Thomas Cook has been in the news for having to delay its sale to Fosun and for applying for Chapter 15 in the USA to protect its North American business. Has this news deterred people from joining?

Into one of my local Thomas Cook branches and the answer that I got from the staff was that customers were slow through the door but it was a quiet time of year. But the staff weren’t promoting this new loyalty club as strongly as they might. I was actually looking for an October seven-day break and they didn’t mention it until I did. So I tried another Thomas Cook shop this morning. Not a mention did they make of the rewards scheme!

How successful will this scheme be if even the shops aren’t promoting it?

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