Travelling to the EU after October 31st 2019

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As has been mentioned before in Just about Travel, there won’t be much difference in travelling to the EU after the deadline expires next month. At least for about a while

This isn’t because we at JaT have tremendous foresight and know what will happen. And no, we haven’t been examining chicken entrails, consulting the oracle at Delphi or reading the tea leaves!

The EU had already issued a statement saying that flights could continue to operate from the UK to EU countries up until at least the end of September 2020. That means that summer holiday flights are protected.

Now ABTA has launched a campaign on radio and social media to reassure holidaymakers and travellers that flights, ferries and trains will still operate even in the event of a no-deal exit on October 31.

It means that any one taking a half-term holiday at the end of October will be protected.

There are still questions about passport validity, healthcare provision, driving permits and taking pets abroad. But given the vote in the EU parliament which was overwhelmingly in favour of granting the UK an extension if it asked for one, it would seem that the EU will be conciliatory over other subjects connected with travel such as passports and healthcare.

That doesn’t mean that travellers should be complacent. It is always better to have adequate travel and health insurance in case of things going wrong rather than relying on the EU issued European Health Insurance Card. And it is also better to have at least six months validity in your passport if not nine months as countries toughen up their entry requirements. In the short term at least, travellers can feel fairly confident that their travel plans in the EU will not be subject to much more disruption that would normally be expected

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