Spicing up Grenada

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If cinnamon and nutmeg were the reasons that the island of Grenada got its reputation as the spice island of the Caribbean then tourism might be the reason why it thrives in the twenty-first century.


As the busy season approaches, the island will be hoping that the coming period will be as successful as the last.

In 2018, total visitor numbers were 528,077 but the bulk of that is made of cruise passenger arrivals. The more lucrative market for Grenada is those that stay over in the island’s accommodation. Last year this grew by 82,399 with the average length of stay being 8.5 days. This may not sound much to British ears especially given the long flight that we have to face to get there but the largest source of visitors (45% of all visitors) is the United States and they tend to opt for holidaying for fewer days when they travel.

Britons make up the second source of visitor numbers accounting for 17% of all arrivals with Canada being the third source with 12%. Thus about three-quarters of all stayover visitors come from just three countries, all English speaking which should make the island doubly appealing to Britons with their well-known inability to master foreign languages and I include myself in that group!  

The appeal of Grenada to Britons is the 40 white sandy beaches such as the world famous Grand Anse Beach, 15 waterfalls, 4 chocolate factories, 3 rum distilleries and more than 30 dive sites. Grenada waters host the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean Bianca C as well as theworld’s first underwater sculpture park so it is attracting an ever increasing number of divers.

Strip away the usual tourist authority speak about hospitality, warmth of the welcome tourists get and there is something that Grenada offers that many places have quite matched. Many of the owners of the resorts are Grenadians themselves and they have been very entrepreneurial in developing offers to appeal to visitors including taking local produce and building around it festivals, cooking tours and sustainable offers.

Of course, direct flights from the UK and a climate, when compared to ours in winter, may be other reasons why more Britons consider Grenada for their winter sunshine break.

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