Stuttgart and Bauhaus

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During 2019, Germany has been celebrating an architectural and design movement called Bauhaus.

typcal Bauhaus architecture – Weissenhof Estate and Museum

Whilst many readers will be familiar with the movement, for those who don’t, Bauhaus began 100 years ago at the end of WWI. the art school lasted a mere fourteen years until the Nazi ascendancy swept it aside and its founders left Germany for elsewhere.

But in those short years they developed a modernist style that linked the differing arts but largely without any ornament. The school began in Weimar and it is there in the state museum that you can see 160 different items that the founder of Bauhaus, Walter Gropius, donated.

Today is the day that the new Bauhaus Museum Dessau opens in Dresden where over 49,000 items connected to Bauhaus will be on display. For Britons however, Dresden has been diffcult to get to for a quick break although that will change as from the end of October when Ryanair will link Stansted with the city

More convenient for Britons is Stuttgart and ideal for a city or short break. It also has links with Bauhaus. There, a group of 22 houses on a hillside just outside the city and called the Weissenhof Estate is a typical Bauhaus design. Thirty-three were originally built and look as modern today as they were when they were built 92 years ago. Some designed by le Corbusier are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The advantage of Stuttgart over Dresden (and Weimar) is that there are direct flights from Birmingham (Flybe) as well as Gatwick (easyet) and Heathrow (BA) to Stuttgart making it easy to get to for a short break.

Only 90 minutes from Stuttgart is Karlsruhe is the Dammerstock Estate which was designed as affordable housing. And when you have made a tour the Bauhaus designed Erasmus restaurant might well be a place to cap your day with a coffee or a meal before you return to Stuttgart.

But wherever you take a break in Germany this autumn, you are likely to find a Bauhaus exhibition as this large centenary celebration nears its end.

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