Nessie and hotel reviews

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No, this isn’t a story about the Loch Ness monster recommending a TripAdvisor rating but you are close.

Loch Ness monster
Nessie – possibly an eel, but not a monster

This is about two stories that will make you shrug your shoulders and say, I knew that already”

The first involves the Loch Ness monster which has a coincidental habit of popping into the news about the beginning of the tourist season. This week, scientists have examined the waters in the loch and found no sign of any DNA that might be linked to any prehistoric creature. What they did find was a great deal of eel DNA in the waters. Could Nessie be a very, very, large eel? That is what some media is suggesting?

And that is about as far as this story can go. Like most of us suspected, no monster. Like a number of us suggested – a tourism marketing ploy. What will the area do in the future to start the season off? Debunk the DNA evidence and suggest a monster does exist?

The other story, in the I told you so” category is the discovery by Which? that there are reviews on TripAdvisor which are fakes. Many of us have known that for years. TripAdvisor has always said that there are some but has said that it monitors and takes down any that fail its vetting. It is just that some of us haven’t been convinced that TripAdvisor’s vetting is as thorough as it should be.

Which? says that it looked at just under a quarter of a million reviews highlighting five star reviews made by a person(s) who had not posted reviews before which seemed fake. It reported fifteen cases of hotels with dubious reviews to TripAdvisor which had already caught fourteen of the hotels with fake positive years last year. Having said that why didn’t TripAdvisor delist the hotels then?

Maybe the owl isn’t so vigilant

One hotel in Cairo had even been awarded “Best hotel in Cairo.” It isn’t anymore. More likely it is “Most Dubious Hotel in Cairo.”

It comes down to trust.

Do you trust TripAdvisor reviews or are genuine ones as elusive as Nessie?

You make your mind up?   

But then TripAdvisor isn’t a review site anymore; it’s just one of the many online travel agencies you can find on the web.

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