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As I mentioned yesterday, the name of the game in airline circles these days is to improve the experience of the passenger. But “improving the experience” is usually a synonym for providing something where there is a revenue charging element. That needn’t mean that the passengers pay. Getting them to do can be difficult. More often it means persuading companies and organisations to advertise.

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Connecting passengers and letting them use their own devisces to watch and listen to what the airline provides

At the World Aviation Festival, there was a great deal of talking and thinking about passenger experience

Air France, for example, lets passengers connect with their own electronic devices just as TAP does. They have their own messaging system which is used to update passengers, provide offers linked to their purchasing behaviour. It, like a number of other airlines, would like to provide sports’ coverage to passengers. Whilst sports are popular they also have one other big benefit over films.   You don’t really need a sound commentary you can let the pictures relate the story. For airlines carrying passengers speaking any number of languages, sports are a big plus.

There is also the fact that sports are popular which is why Sky and BT in the UK pay such large sums to try and tie up exclusive deals for some events.

Will it ever be the case, for example, that a US airline will be the only one to carry the US Tennis or golf opens? Will that encourage passengers to opt for one airline over another? Only time will tell.

Jan-Peter Gaense from Lufthansa reminded people at the Festival that the passenger offering in a plane is often stand-alone. They are disconnected. There is no link to systems on the ground meaning that passenger information on the ground cannot be linked to the on-flight information so that information can be used to personalise the offering to the passenger. Both the plane and the ground work in little cocoons. Breaking that, said Gaense, will lead to more personalisation than is currently available.

The future is looking distinctly different for airline passengers.

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