Flying to EU countries in 2020

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According to the travel industry e-letter, Travelmole, UK airlines will still be able to operate flights between the UK and the EU until at least October 2020.

Still able to fly to EU countries? At least until October 2020

It says that the EU has extended the deadline. Initially the deadline was set at the end of next month. Then it was altered to the end of next March and now it is next October.

What this means for passengers is that summer holiday flights will be able to fly and it makes it much more likely that there will be minimal disruption from the continuing Brexit negotiations. Yes, we might still need visas but at least air traffic will be undisrupted.

In truth, however, losing flight rights will badly affect both the UK and EU countries so it was always likely that this issue would be resolved.

Can this success be placed at the gates of the government? No, according to Travelmole, it seems that ABTA has been negotiating behind the scenes and it looks to be its achievement.

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