Flying is dangerous

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This morning the World Aviation Festival in London opened.

Scaremongering by Extinction Rebellion

This travel trade three day meeting brings together some of the most senior aviation people from around the world.

This morning it also brought protestors from Extinction Rebellion. By early afternoon they were gone

In a peaceful protest without shouting or vitriol, they handed out A5 sized brochures headlined Emergency Information” that contained the hashtag “Flying is not Safe.”

The group was mimicking the flight safety cards that are available in airline seat pockets with the aim that the number of flights needs to be reduced.

I have sympathy with that.

I don’t have sympathy with the suggestion that flying is not safe.

Readers don’t need me to tell them that flying is one of the safest forms of transport given the number of planes and passengers that fly each year. If you wish you can say that virtually anything is unsafe. There are only degrees of safety.

What Extinction Rebellion means is that flying as it is presently organised is deleterious to the earth because of carbon emissions. But that isn’t as sexy or as eye catching as saying that flying is unsafe.

In the different strands of the conference where, as Extinction Rebellion, says there are over 400 speakers they are right that there is no environmental impact strand although some speakers may mention the topic during their presentations. It has been a topic in previous years and no doubt will be in the future.

Flight is not going to be removed from society. Cutting back may be an option where alternative opportunities exist. With the aviation industry that may be with electric powered or solar flight.

That is what Extinction Rebellion should be working towards and not just saying that flying is not safe.

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