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The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has published its latest UK Aviation Consumer Survey which was carried out during the spring.

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Satisfaction with flying has dropped to 81% in just four years

This shows that while overall satisfaction is high at 81%, it has fallen quite considerably (nine percentage points) since 2016.

Why the drop?

The CAA suggests that it is because of a combination of issues such as poor handling of complaints by airlines and airports; the lack of communication and information provided by airlines when flights are delayed; and, the lack of accessibility for passengers with reduced mobility.

Interestingly those people with more experience of flying – in this case people who have flown in the last ten years – are almost twice as likely to say that flying is getting better rather than worse.

People who have flown in the last year from the north east of England were most likely to be satisfied with the overall travel experience, with a 90% total. Passengers from Northern Ireland were the least content, with only 67% of recent flyers declaring satisfaction with their journey. Travellers from the South West were also less satisfied than the national average, with a 76% satisfaction approval rating. Other regions to score well in the survey included Yorkshire and Humber, and the East Midlands, with 85% of recent air passengers from each region expressing satisfaction with their flying experience.

Only 56% of recent flyers who made a complaint to an airport or airline were satisfied with how it was handled. Of those with a disability or health condition, 56% described accessing and using airports, or flying, difficult.  Only 54% of UK adults said they found it easy to understand and compare the cost of traveling with different airlines and 52% find it easy to find and compare other important information. Meanwhile, 69% of UK adults agreed that they had ‘confidence in the safety of airlines and airports’, with only 9% disagreeing. The proportion of those surveyed saying they think about the impact of flying on the environment has risen from one fifth (21%) in autumn 2016 to three in ten (31%). There has been a similar rise in the proportion of UK adults saying they would be willing to pay more to reduce the environmental impact of flying. (31%, up from 22% in autumn 2016.)

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