The Ryanair strike

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At least a quarter of a million people will fly on Ryanair out of the UK this bank holiday weekend. Or will they?

Ryanair plane ascending

Ryanair was faced with two strikes, one by Irish pilots and the other by British based pilots. In Ireland, the courts disallowed the strike; in the UK. the courts dismissed Ryanair’s request to order the pilots not to strike.

Today and tomorrow as well as from September 2nd until September 4th the two strikes will go ahead. This will not only affect those flying on Ryanair but others as well since there may be some delays as a result.

Ryanair say that they have many pilots who are not members of BALPA and with those pilots who have volunteered to cover for their absent colleagues they expect to operate a normal service – or as normal as it can be but they do warn of possible delays.

The same will apply to the September strike days.

The next few days are the busiest in the calendar with millions heading into and out of the UK so there is always additional pressure on airports at this time. You might expect there to be delays somewhere due to late flights or glitches. If Ryanair does have some difficulties it may cause other airlines to have delays as well.

The good news as of about 10am today is that everything is running pretty smoothly according to the Ryanair website.

Whether the action is justified or not is immaterial to passengers. If problems do occur they will only be concerned on getting to their destinations to enjoy the break. If cancellations occur there may not be time to get another flight even if there is availablilty.

Passengers can claim compensation under EU261if they haven’t been given fourteen days’ notice of the strike.

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