Have you visited London?

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Leonardo Hotels have undertaken some research that suggests about 6% of Britons – that is over 3.5 million of us – have never visited London. Of those nearly four in ten say they don’t ever plan on visiting either.

Tower of London
The Tower of London – one of the biggest attractions for visitors to London

Why don’t they visit? After all London is one of the top tourist cities in the world?

Half of those who think they won’t ever make the trip say it’s because it’s far too expensive, 31% believe they’d hate the crowds, and 28% say it’s just too far away and they can’t be bothered to make the trip.  In addition, 21% say that the thought of visiting London stresses them out hugely, 9% believe it’s over-rated and wouldn’t live up to the hype, and 6% reckon that Londoners are just too rude.

This can’t be music to the ears of London & Partners, the organisation responsible for drumming up tourism to London nor Visit England. But it means there are even more Britons than they might have thought who should be encouraged to visit since only 2.16% say they would never visit London.

It would be interesting to know the parts of the country in which the 6% lived. If the group was largely from hundreds of miles away then you could understand their reasons rather than if they lived between 50 and 100 miles away. Not only is the distance an issue but the cost of flying, driving or catching the train also makes visiting overseas cities a more viable issue.

Of those who do come to London, few readers will be surprised as to the reasons. The biggest motivators to visit London were the historical landmarks, the world-class shopping  and the good range of theatres, concerts and festivals.

On the other hand, that only 6% of Britons have never visited London sounds like a low number. Without knowing how many, for example, French have never visited Paris, Germans have visited Berlin or Americans have visited Washington DC how do we know whether 6% is a figure we should despair about or be ecstatically happy about?

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