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Travel insurance suffers from two features. And that doesn’t include small print that requires keen eyesight and a PhD in gobbledegook to follow.

Is the OYO approach the future way?

The first is that too few people take it out meaning that when the worst happens – as it occasionally does – those people are left unprotected.

The second feature is that when the British government advises against travel to certain destinations or parts of it then travel insurers suspend their policies meaning you travel at your own risk – which few people do – or you go elsewhere where no such advisory applies.  

Egypt and Tunisia are two such countries that have found the hard way what happens when a no-travel advisory is issued by the British government.

One way around these problems would be for destinations to fund their own travel insurance policies. Few have contemplated it – Thailand being one – and fewer still have gone as far as considering implementing such a policy.

Some tour operators have offered free travel insurance as a promotional tool to attract bookings but it is usually short-lived.

But now an Indian hotel chain, OYO Hotels and Homes,  which describes itself as the world’s 3rd largest chain of operated hotels, homes, managed living and workplaces is providing free insurance for customers that book its properties in India directly through its app, website or in person.

Although it is a worldwide chain (56 properties in the London area alone) the offer just applies to their properties in India. As with all their offerings, the accommodation consists of hotels and homes variously branded as OYO Hotels, OYO Home, OYO Townhouse, Collection O, SilverKey, Capital O and Palette Resorts..

What OYO will provide is insurance which will cover baggage loss, medical expenses and accidental death.  

OYO is considering expanding the free insurance offer to other properties in its portfolio. How long will it be before other hoteliers, tour operators and even airlines follow suit?

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