A last-minute break?

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The wet and windy weather has been a boon for tour operators promoting overseas holidays.

The bay at Lindos on Rhodes in Greece should have some last minute bargains

As I write this, the winds are strengthening and the rain is sometimes peppering my office window and sometimes coshing it so hard that the sound interrupts my thoughts.  Its ideal for driving us into travel agents and onto the internet in the search for warmer places where we can pick up last minute breaks.

And that’s exactly what has been happening in the last ten days.

Today there is yet another weather warning for most of Wales, the south west of England, the West Midlands and the north west so I suspect that even more of us will try and book a holiday away.

But where?

What’s left?

For a start if you package a holiday yourself, the air fares are not going to be cheap regardless of where you look in Europe. A package holiday might be the answer.

In Greece, for example, the hotel industry said earlier this week that overnight stays for 2019 had dropped by 10% so there should be deals available to Greece. In addition the tourism authorities are launching a last minute bookers’ promotion to encourage us to drop everything and head of to the country and its islands.

In Spain there has been a decline in British visitor numbers but arrivals from other countries are up 3.2% so bargains will be difficult – although not impossible – to find. Despite that drop, the amount spent by Britons is up by 1% showing that Spain has become less affordable for Britons.

Djerba- Houmt Souk
Djerba, the island off the coast of Tunisia. Houmt Souk. One destination where there are bargain holidays to be had

Tunisia is still one of the best bets for a last minute deal along with Egypt, Bulgaria and Turkey.

But, as always, if you can leave at the drop of a hat and you don’t necessarily mind where you want to go, then you can find bargains. But for those with a specific destination or hotel in mind, prices won’t be in close harmony with what is in your wallet!

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