Don’t dock in Venice

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According to yesterday’s Financial Times (a subscription is needed to read the story so no link is provided the Italian ministry of tourism will ban cruise ships from sailing down the Guidecca in Venice. In the future, cruise ships will sail and moor away from the city centre.

Cruise ships dwarf the landscape in Venice.

This action will begin next month but even by next year only about a third of all the cruise ships that visit Venice will be affected. Instead of docking at the current Marittima terminal, cruise ships will dock at the Fusina and Lombardia terminals which – whilst still being in the lagoon – will create less turbulence and possible damage to the city’s buildings. These are on the mainland about two kilometres as the crow flies from the city so transport would need to be laid on, probably using ferries or coaches to get passengers into Venice.

Cruise companies will probably be unhappy about the extra problems that will be caused for them but they have no-one else to blame for the problems that they have caused by the large number of ships that call in at Venice.

It will please the many residents, and those working in Venice as it gives greater security to their livelihoods. The other people who will be happy are the conservationists who have long called for cruise ships to stop do docking in the city.

The terminals chosen are not long term solutions so new terminals will have to be constructed somewhere else unless somewhere like Trieste is used and cruise passengers are transported to Venice, a journey that takes about two hours by either rail or car. Chioggia, a small port at the base of the Venice lagoon has also been suggested but that is too small for the size of ships that are scheduled to visit Venice.

A previous idea to ban ships over 96,000 tons failed. Will this new plan be any more successful?

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